Patient Education

We provide organizations with standardized, evidence-based patient education tools that are based on practice strategies

Promote Health Literacy and Reduce Your Cost of Care with Eventium Patient Education

Eventium is the leader in post-acute clinical content ranging from clinical protocols, clinical decision support tools, and patient education. Our low literacy, colorful patient education products encourage patient engagement for sustainable, high-level outcomes including the reduction of ACH and cost of care.
Patient education is the cornerstone of disease management and population management. Standardized patient education facilitates shared decision-making and empowers patients to manage their own health.

Types of Products Include:

  • Step by Step Guides
  • Staying at Home Guide
  • Stoplight Tools
  • Info/Tear Sheets
  • Patient Logs

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Eventium’s patient education tools assist your organization in meeting regulatory and government requirements:

  • Accreditation patient safety standards
  • Safe transitions of care
  • Patient and caregiver – centric care
  • Value Based Purchasing (VBP)
    • Patient outcome improvement (OASIS)
    • Patient and caregiver experience satisfaction (CAHPS)
    • Process indicator improvement (OASIS)

Step By Step Guides

  • Encounter specific goals and content promotes focused, consistent care
  • Chunked content for a variety of topics in each step
  • Content ladder builds from safety to disease control tohealth promotion as clientprogresses through theguide
  • Logs for self-tracking of symptoms

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Eventium Staying at Home Books

  • Organized by topic from safety related content like red flags to disease control or health promotion topics like nutrition
  • Interactive quizzes or health checks of key areas of knowledge for disease management
  • Build in teach-back methodology via the Health Checks and Goals
  • Patient-centered Goals for the episode directed at stability, knowledge and behavior
  • Logs for self-tracking of symptoms

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Eventium Stoplight Tools

  • Stoplight concept easy to understand
  • Symptoms by Zone
  • Symptom prevention
  • Promotes calling sooner with symptoms

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Eventium Info/Tear Sheets

  • Easy – to – read concepts
  • Supports self-management and skill building

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Eventium Patient Logs

  • Symptom logs promote self- assessment.
  • Catches symptoms early
  • Triggers need to call nurse or physician sooner than later.
  • Patient is better able to manage condition in home and not in the ER or Hospital

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  • » 14 Font
  • » Bulleted Lists
  • » Black on Cream
  • » Space for Individualized Instruction


  • » Colors with Good Contrast
  • » Easy on the Eyes
  • » White Space

Tone & Clarity

  • » Clear and Understandable
  • » Friendly and Pleasant
  • » Culturally Sensitive

Low Literacy Level

  • » Written in Plain Language
  • » Written at 4-5th Grade Reading Level
  • » Facilitates “Teach Back”
  • » Compliant with CMS Literacy Guidelines
  • » Supporting Graphics to Mirror Content


  • » Organized into “Need to Know” Information
  • » Concrete Information vs. Abstract
  • » Compliant with JCAHO Patient Safety Indicators
  • » Compliant with the Transitional Care Pillars
  • » Emphasis on “Skills and Behavior”
  • » Action-Oriented
  • » Follows specific Chronic Disease Management Standards