Providers and EHRs partner with Eventium to deliver a comprehensive library of evidence-based and best practice guidelines/care plans. Along with best practice guidelines, CMS CoPs and Accreditation standards are integrated into Eventium content. The Care Plans focus on moving patients to higher levels of disease management to prevent ACH, ER Visits, Falls, Med Issues or other high-risk events.


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Efficient Care Planning: Eventium Care Plan Wizard offers efficient care planning starting with Eventium’s industry Gold Standard evidence-based, outcome-driven protocols >>

Meet payer requirements, CoPs resulting in Defensible Care

Support Proactive Improvement of VBP/HHQI Outcome and Process Indicators

Outcome-Driven Care demonstrates Progress to Goals

Evidence-Based and Best Practice Care Plans

Standardized Care offering efficient demonstratable Individualized Care

Risk Prevention and Prevention of Events

Compliance with Physician Orders

Efficient QAPI Process

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