Cancer with Chemo


The Cancer with Chemo Step by Step booklet is an essential guide for all patients and families dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. It is a 29 page comprehensive, clearly organized resource for individuals facing the challenge of chemotherapy and its side effects. This booklet is divided into 8 steps with easy-to-read sections that explain the essentials of chemotherapy and how to treat the side effects. It addresses all the important components of treatment, including the disease, medication management, nutrition, activity and safety tips, as well as sections for tests/treatments, psychosocial issues and community resources.

This Step by Step guide provides excellent information on complementary treatments, as well as traditional pharmacological therapy for patients and family members. It also gives clinicians the ability to add more personalized information. This booklet is a must for any patient or family whose loved one is undergoing chemotherapy.

This booklet is available in English.

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