Bipolar Spanish



Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by mood shifts and alterations in energy and activity levels. Patients with Bipolar Disease need to learn self-management strategies to help them live optimal lives. Understanding signs and symptoms of disease exacerbation can help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

Low literacy tools, such as Stoplight tools can help patients understand how to recognize the symptoms of disease exacerbation and when to seek emergency care. Stoplight tools divide various signs and symptoms into green, yellow, and red management zones. Green indicates good control, yellow indicates caution and gives specific steps for action, and red indicates a medical crisis that requires calling 911.

This Bipolar Stoplight Tool is based on the recommended treatment guidelines for Bipolar Disease in Adults. It’s the only tool of its kind on the market. It can be customized with your agency’s name and contact information. Available in English and Spanish. 50 sheets per pad

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