Wound Drain



Wound drains are common after many surgical procedures to decrease the risk of a post-operative infection. Patients need to know when a drain is working correctly and signs of a potential problem to avoid an infection and even re-hospitalization. Stoplight tools help patients understand those early warning signs and what to do.

Stoplight tools divide various signs and symptoms into green, yellow, and red management zones. Green indicates good control, yellow indicates caution and gives specific steps for action, and red indicates a medical crisis that requires a physician’s attention or a call to 911.

This Wound Drain Stoplight Tool is based on recommended standards of care for patients with wound drains. It can be customized with your agency’s name and contact information. Available in English and Spanish. 50 sheets per pad

Additional information

Weight 0.687 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .30 in

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