Cancer with Radiation


A patient with the diagnosis of cancer may feel overwhelmed and frightened. To help them manage their disease and feel empowered about their outcomes, patients need to be armed with patient education material that steps them through their illness and treatment options. The Cancer with Radiation Step by Step book is the only tool of its kind on the market today that delivers targeted material in an easy to read, user friendly format!

This 29 page, colorful booklet provides patients receiving radiation therapy with information that will help them manage their care. In 9 easy to read steps, patients and their loved ones will learn important information like:

  • What is cancer and how does it grow?
  • What exactly is Radiation Therapy and how does it work?
  • How does radiation therapy affect my body?

This Step by Step book is comprehensive and informative, covering major topics like symptom control, skin care, pain management and radiation therapy side effects. The easy to read format can be customized for every patient allowing them to achieve optimum outcomes as they progress through their therapy. It allows patients to be informed and active in their healthcare!

This booklet is available in English.

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