High Blood Pressure



Patient education is essential in assisting patients to live with chronic illness and to have improved health outcomes. The High Blood Pressure Step by Step patient education book is a 25 page colorful booklet that explains complex medical terms in easy to follow words. This booklet gives clear, concise and useful information to patients and their families. They are taught what they need to know in a way that they can remember it.

The High Blood Pressure book is divided into 10 steps that progress the patient through information like s/s of disease exacerbation to higher levels of information like reading food labels. It is logically sequenced in a step by step approach that enables patients and their caregivers to understand the information and apply it to their care. It covers essential information required for evidence-based practice like the causes of high blood pressure, low sodium diets, hidden salt content in foods, activity tips and medication management.

The High Blood Pressure Step by Step book is based on the NHLBI guidelines for hypertension management. It can be individualized for each patient so that they can effectively self-manage their illness. The booklet contains symptom control logs and medication schedules that allow the patients to communicate more effectively with their doctors and other healthcare providers.

This booklet is written in English.

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