Diabetes Type 2 w/o Insulin


In the world of Value Based Purchasing, the control of HbA1cs is critical. The key to control is effective patient self-management! Patients with diabetes need to be able to make informed decisions with good self-care behaviors and problem solving skills to prevent disease exacerbation and hospitalization.

The Diabetes Type 2 w/o Insulin Step by Step patient education booklet is an easy to read, colorful tool that is evidence-based and promotes patient self-management. Based on the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Self-Management (DSME), this booklet is your one stop ticket to good patient outcomes.

This 32 page booklet covers all the essential information to help your patients achieve good diabetic control. It emphasizes effective self-management support strategies that include assessment, goal setting, action planning, problem solving and follow up. In 9 easy steps, the patient and family are introduced to the essential information of diabetes, incorporating the DSME topics including pathophysiology, glycemic control, sick days, meal planning, medications, s/s of high and low blood sugar and diabetic complications. It also includes logs for the patient to track:

  • Blood sugars and symptoms
  • Medication schedule
  • Diet

This booklet is the best tool on the market for diabetes patient education. It is written in English.

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